Overview: Delivering Innovative Solutions for a Lasting Impact

KSSoftwares helps organizations gain valuable business insights and provides dynamic technology solutions for various verticals, including Utilities, Transportation, Process amongst others.

KSSoftwares is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Federal Utilities, Process, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, and Healthcare. These enterprise level solutions are built around KSSoftwares’s intellectual property and domain expertise to offer unique business intelligence for impactful insights for effective decision making.

KSSoftwares’s offering includes end-to-end solutions for Online shopping and Classified portals (like olx.quiker etc.), spatial data analysis and integration through KSSoftwares latest web technologies like php5, ASP.net, C#, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery . For the engineering sector, KSSoftwares’s services and solutions cover the entire life-cycle for the process industry, from engineering design, to operational excellence with its KSSoftwares Onesuite.

The development of KSSoftwares’s IP approach has enabled us to also play in the large main-stream IT solutions and services market with differentiated offerings. KSSoftwares offers comprehensive services for implementing enterprise-level applications and systems integration on multiple technology platforms. KSSoftwares’s expertise encompasses EBS, ERP, CRM, and EPM, all high-impact areas of interest to CXOs. With deep domain expertise in our selected verticals, KSSoftwares provides a comprehensive set of services for a company’s IT needs – from initial assessments, to development of an IT roadmap, including evaluation of Cloud and virtual data-center strategies, through sizing and implementation of complete solutions for optimal infrastructure configurations and enterprise-level business applications and analytics, with ongoing technical support.

KSSoftwares is a organization headquartered in Kanpur, U.P., India. KSSoftwares has executed projects in over districts.

A brand that stands for INNOVATION.

Developing new products and solutions.

  • Creating relevant and remarkable solutions
  • Acquiring and growing the best talent
  • Building key strategic alliances

A brand that stands for INSIGHTS.

Our people unlock inaccessible information and transform it, bringing insights that lead to superior decision making. This is what makes us different. This is what makes us invaluable to our customers.

A brand that stands for IMPACT.

The breadth of our expertise and the depth of knowledge of our customers’ businesses, enable us to continuously deliver meaningful impact.

Our Vision

To continuously INNOVATE and provide knowledge-based IT solutions that deliver remarkable INSIGHTS and lasting IMPACT in the way our world operates.

Our Mission

Develop INNOVATIVE solutions that dramatically change the marketplace.

Deliver valuable INSIGHTS that enable the best decision making.

Create relevant and measurable IMPACT by always executing with the end result in mind.

Our Character

KSSoftwares approaches every project as if our customers’ lives depend on it, because in many ways, they do.

We are confident of our unique ability to see more than meets the eye and use that gift to tirelessly collaborate and innovate to bring something unexpected and better to projects and our customers’ businesses.

Our Strategy

Our goals will be accomplished through a balanced focus on organic growth, joint ventures and acquisitions. This approach provides for growth through the acquisition of select technologies and expertise that complement the capabilities of a talented KSSoftwares team, and extend their reach in the marketplace. Acquisitions and joint ventures enable KSSoftwares to offer higher value to all our stakeholders.

Our Core Commitee Members

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